Our advice to prepare you for this experience

The Gretenfield family offers you an immersive experience. Do not expect a simple escape game … Arm yourself with your good humor, a good team and arrive on time so as not to be late! The whole family is waiting for you! No specific accessory or outfit is required, however we do not recommend high heels so as not to damage our old parquet. Be careful not to force the aperitif too much before visiting us! Our mansion is a respectable place and you will need all your abilities to get out…

COVID provisions

The Get Out network is a signatory of the “Jouons en confiance” (“Let’s play with confidence”) charter and is committed to applying a strict health protocol allowing you to play in optimal conditions. You can consult the charterhere.

How many escape rooms are there at Get Out Lille?

Get Out Lille currently has 6 game rooms in the location: 5 Escape rooms and 1 “investigation” room (Quantico).
Each of the game rooms can accommodate a team of 3 to 6 detectives (2 to 6 for Atelier Tesla and the Curse of Horus).
The ideal team is made up of 4 or 5 participants.

Why do we talk about Experience and Immersion at Get Out?

As soon as you arrive at Get Out, a member of the Gretenfield family welcomes you.
He will guide you through the rules of the game, provide you with tips to make your experience as smooth as possible. Once through THE door, you will be alone in the Escape Room, …, or not. There may be interventions depending on the riddle chosen … Surprise …

(The cameras placed in the room allow your game master to follow your progress. He can direct you if necessary with some clues)

How long does the Get Out experience last?

We ask that you arrive at the exact time of the session at the Gretenfield family mansion. This will allow us to make the introductions and brief you on the purpose of your presence with us.
The game session lasts 60 minutes… well a little less if you manage to leave the room…

How to book?

Bookings are made on the Booking page of our website.
If you wish to come with more than 6 people in a game room with a limited number of 6 people, you will need to book several rooms at the same time. Go to our booking page and identify a time slot during which several rooms are free simultaneously.
Indeed, it is impossible to play with 7 in a room (except exceptions)!

What if there are only two of us?

We do not recommend playing with 2 people because we think the game is getting too difficult. However, if you are up to the task, you can either book a room specially dedicated to teams of 2 players, or book for a group of 3 and try the adventure for two!

What are the prices ?

The prices are indicated on the booking page.
They vary depending on the number of detectives on your team.
Get Out is a live activity, therefore we cannot accept any refunds once the session has been booked.
Refunds, cancellations and schedule changes are not accepted.
The Get Out experience between the arrival and departure of the detectives (including briefing, game time, photoshoot) is estimated at 1h30.

What is the age limit?

There is no specific age limit, but we do not recommend this game under 10 years old for Escape rooms. All children under 15 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
This age limit is due to the complexity of the game.
Children in the Get Out Kids playrooms are accepted from 8 years old.

Can a pregnant woman have the Get Out experience?

Apart from the “The Fort” and “The Curse of Horus” investigations, pregnant women can participate in Get Out without any problem, the game does not contain any physical exercise or scary elements.

Do you represent a company or a BDE (student office)?

Please contact Get Out to organize a unique and extraordinary experience on the “Companies” page
Competition, cohesion, logic, fun are just a glimpse of what awaits you!

Get Out accessible to people with reduced mobility?

We have 3 rooms accessible to people with reduced mobility.
– 1 riddle “Merlin”
– 1 riddle “The Cunningham Affair”
– 1 riddle “The Tesla Workshop”

We recommend that at least one member without a physical disability be included in the group. The main interest of Get Out is puzzle solving and teamwork, however some parts of the game require handling small objects or doing some digging

Did you say gift card?

Our gift card allows you to offer your loved ones a card for the amount of the purchase value, which can be used without restriction on one or more occasions until its expiry date. The gift card is valid for one year.

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