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Passionate about the world of games, with a certain taste for professional success.

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Our concept:
pure immersion

Go through the door of one of our centres. A member of the Gretenfield family welcomes you firmly to the mansion, a highly respectable place where you will need all your abilities to get out... 60 minutes is the time granted to you to investigate, discover the truth, live a completely new escape game.

Our playground:

Inside, outside, at home, on screens… Get Out has no limit! We are reaching out to more and more audiences, united by the benefits of a playful, hectic and passionate experience, funny and full of surprises.


Escape Game for the general public and businesses (B2B)


Outdoor treasure hunts


For companies and large groups of up to 150 people

Get Out

Aimed at children


Remote team building in video

At home

Escape kits to make at home

Two friends
at the origin of the project

Friends for almost twenty years, Vincent and Samuel discover the escape game in its primary version in London, in 2014. Passionate, intrigued by this new universe that is offered to them, the two friends decide to leave their jobs respective and to change country. They appropriate the concept and reveal its full potential by pushing the immersive experience to its peak.

Get Out becomes the precursor of the Live Escape Game in France.

The pluses
"Get Out"
Our business: gameplay

A professional structure, expert in the field of Live Escape Game, which masters all aspects of the creation of new games: scenario, decorations, kinetics, light, sound, electro-technical equipment.

Our DNA: friendship

A network with a human dimension where it is good to evolve, a complicity between partners to start well and manage its activity in optimal conditions.

To infinity…and beyond !

A constantly improved diversified offer, additional products, preparation of new projects, national and international deployment.

+ 7 years of existence
16 Get out in France and abroad (France, Belgium, Morocco)
5 Riddle categories (Indoor, Outdoor, Large Groups, Visio, Kids)
60 mins By immersive experience
From 60 000 € Personal contribution
in year 3, 550 000 € Annual turnover
For 170 000 € Operating income

Every single project is unique: you will build your own operational model following your location's and office's specificities and your entrepreneurship vision.

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